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Bush Counseling Service is based in Gouverneur and specializes in providing individual Telehealth counseling and therapy services for anxiety and anxiety related disorders, depression, pregnancy and postpartum depression, and major life transitions for adults. I am committed to providing professional mental health services with sensitivity, dignity, and discretion as well as upholding complete privacy and confidentiality.

Meet Your Qualified Mental Health Counselor

Meet Selena Bush, Your Trusted Online Therapist

I’m Selena Bush, licensed clinical social worker, and local Upstate New Yorker. I worked for nearly five years in the adult inpatient psychiatric setting in Texas and I have four years of experience providing counseling in private practice since moving back to New York. I find the learning and growth process exciting and fun even though at times it can seem scary. I feel confident not only with my experience and education that I can help you navigate your own growth process but also because I make it a daily effort to utilize the same therapeutic approaches and concepts, I use in counseling sessions, in my own life. I believe in the therapeutic process and the benefits it has for anyone who is willing to invest themselves in it.

Offering Privacy and Convenience with Online Telehealth Counseling

For those who prefer the utmost discretion, especially in our smaller community and rural region, I invite you to explore online Telehealth sessions. Despite some common misconceptions, online sessions are equally as beneficial as in-person sessions and can even be more productive without the stress of commuting and with the added privacy that comes with not having to be present at a physical location. Call today to learn more or to schedule a Telehealth session.

Confidential. Secure. Professional.

I provide patient care through Amwell and MDLive. Both Amwell and MDLive accept major insurances. You can easily set up a patient profile in just a few minutes to see if your insurance is accepted.

Cultivate new ways of thinking to more comfortably and peacefully navigate life’s challenges.

Counseling and Therapy Provided for:

Anxiety and Anxiety Related Disorders



Life Transitions

Mental Health Matters

Mental health and a sense of well-being play a critical role in how we function in our lives on a day-to-day basis. Thought processes can affect our moods, our emotions and ultimately our actions. It can even affect our physical experiences in ways that can have a significant impact on how we show up in the present moment.

When our mental health suffers, no matter how seemingly inane or serious the cause, so do we. Sometimes the struggle makes us turn inward and shy away from the help that we need. Rather than nurturing our ability to work through our issues in a healthy way, we may instead seek refuge from those issues by avoiding or denying the problem altogether. It’s an all too human reaction. That’s why it can be so helpful to counter this inclination with a more tempered and professional perspective through counseling.

Seeking therapy does not mean we are “broken” or that something is “wrong” with us though. At Bush Counseling Service, I like to be very clear that seeking counsel is normal and healthy. My role is to help you accept where you are in the present moment and to help you learn how to harness the power of your internal strength to navigate life’s challenges more comfortably and peacefully.

A Commitment to Privacy

When you participate in an online Telehealth session, Bush Counseling Service utilizes every means available to provide you with discretion and confidentiality. I take every precaution to protect your information, whether in physical or digital format. All of my online processes and services are also administered with extensive protections and encryptions, from emails to online sessions. I have also completed specialized training and education courses regarding digital ethics, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

All services are culturally sensitive and LGBTQ friendly.

A Safe and Supportive Process Based on YOUR Needs

We all respond to mental health struggles in different ways, and there is truly no right or wrong way to feel or react in the face of trauma, loss, or the everyday pressures of life. Though many of us may experience similar hardships and face relatable struggles, we all handle them in our own way because our experiences are unequivocally unique.

My approach to counseling is not just a typical series of Freudian couch sessions and written notes to measure your progress. It’s also not just a series of “homework” exercises for you to experiment with on your time. Instead, I focus on accepting your thoughts and feelings and committing to changes and goals that improve your ability to move forward. I offer a safe and supportive environment for you to explore that process using a secure Telehealth experience.