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Bush Counseling Service provides counseling and therapy for real people facing real issues from managing health anxiety related to the COVID pandemic to working through life transitions at work, at home, in your community and across cultures and society as a whole. My services are LGBTQ friendly, and I believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality mental health services.

I work with clients seeking counsel and guidance for:

Anxiety and Anxiety Related Disorders

My specialty is working with anxiety. I have completed several trainings and have made anxiety my works primary focus. It is my goal to help those living confined by anxiety to start living their life again on their terms. I make it a point to highlight anxiety in my continuing education. One approach I lean on to help treat anxiety is the anxiety trick by David Carbonell.  I have extensive experience working with generalized anxiety, panic disorders, chronic worry, and the many related issues associated with anxiety.  Sometimes when we have an experience or feel something unpleasant, we respond in fear and anxiety. I will work with you to help you better understand fear and anxiety, so your experiences are no longer limited by it.


Depression can look and feel different for everyone. I understand the complex and weighty feelings that can come up for those who suffer from depression, and I offer a safe, supportive and private space to address them. I will make sure that you feel secure and comfortable exploring your feelings in a way that allows you to change your thought patterns and regain a natural sense of hope. No matter what you might be struggling with, from issues with weight loss and physical limitations, or struggles with relationships, traumas, grief, or everyday stressors, I can help you find a way to cope in a healthy manner.

Life Transitions

Sometimes life’s most momentous occasions are not just causes for celebration. They can actually be a source of stress too, which is a very common circumstance. Things like moving, starting a new job, getting married, having a baby, undergoing physical transitions, or graduating college can bring unexpected emotions to the surface. We can help you process these things as they come up for you.

Pregnancy and Postpartum in Women

I know that ‘Mom Guilt’ and the ‘Baby Blues’ are real issues, not merely talking points. The physical and mental demands of preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are overwhelming. Adjusting to life after welcoming a new baby can be just as challenging. It may seem that the struggle gets overlooked in day-to-day life. I can help you navigate the challenges that arise as you grow your family. From coping with morning sickness and breastfeeding to working through a miscarriage or postpartum depression. I can help you nurture the tools you need to maintain your mental well-being despite physical, emotional, and societal struggles.

Pregnancy and Postpartum in Men and LGBTQ+

I also recognize that pregnancy and Postpartum issues are not only specific to women. Men can also experience challenging emotions during and after their partner’s pregnancy. Men may experience stress, anxiety, and depression when adjusting to fatherhood and being supportive of their partner. Although there are no set criteria for postpartum depression in men it does occur. I also recognize that postpartum is not just an issue for men or women in traditional family roles but for any couple or individuals who are navigating building a family. So, when you work with me, there are no judgments or preconceptions about how you “should” be feeling or behaving. There is only a safe space for you to express your truths with confidence and in privacy.

I am are here to offer you the guidance, support and space you need.

Additional Resources for Other Areas of Mental Health Counseling

For Help With a Gambling Addiction

I recommend consulting the New York Council on Problem Gambling.

For Trauma, Grief and Loss, or Phase of Life Transitions

I recommend Mary Dousharm, LCSW-R (315-723-9258).

For Children, Adolescent, and Family Counseling

I recommend Maple Grove Counseling, PLLC based in Gouverneur, NY.

I Can Help You Nurture a Healthier Thought Process to Improve Your Well-Being

A Realistic Approach to Counseling

My approach to counseling and therapy is to meet you where you are in your experience – not where anyone thinks you “should” be. I offer a safe and supportive environment where you can be authentic in the present moment, and when the time is right, we can step forward together at a pace that serves you in a manner that makes you feel comfortable, dignified and safe.

When you choose to participate in a Telehealth session from the comfort and discretion of your own home or office, I can work with you to find the most genuine and practical way to establish new and healthy thought processes that will ultimately lead you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Sometimes achieving this might take only a handful of sessions. Sometimes the process might take weeks, months or perhaps a more long-term series of sessions. There is no right or wrong length of time to work on your mental health.

Whether it’s your first session or a follow-up session, I will always welcome you into a protected and neutral environment where you can show up as you are, wherever you are in your thoughts and feelings, and from that place, I will help you navigate what’s next.

I Am Committed to Providing Private and Dignified Care

We All Need Help Sometimes

Everybody has bad days and off moods. Sometimes those days can start to add up to months or even years, or those moods can start to feel unshakeable. At Bush Counseling Service, I recognize that feeling off is a normal part of the human experience and there is nothing ‘weird’ or ‘shameful’ or ‘wrong’ with wanting and needing to improve your mental wellbeing. Mental health like physical health in that way. Sometimes we must work on it, actively, regularly and with intention, in order to see healthy changes, and sometimes, we need a little help to do that. (That’s why even therapists have therapists – we all need a little help sometimes!)

Ultimately as a counselor, I am here to offer you the guidance, support and space you need so you can work through the hard times in the healthiest way possible. The reality of our struggles is that they are temporary, but the experience we have with them is greatly shaped by how we perceive them. That’s why working with a mental health counselor can be so effective. You can learn to nurture healthier thought processes that will allow you to better align your perceptions with your reality and help you adapt and respond to mental health challenges in a healthy way.

Telehealth Sessions Online Provide Increased Privacy and Convenience

Use your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop to participate in your session through a secure video-conference from the comfort of your home.